“Stained Glass” window art

This small, private event got everyone in the Easter spirit! We kreated “stained glass” crosses that make beautiful window art anytime and for any season. The materials are simple and both young and older children can participate with ease.

image 8

Materials include black craft paper, colored tissue paper, clear Contact paper, masking tape and scissors. Cut the black craft paper into 1 inch wide strips in varying lengths (the length of the strips will determine the size of the cross and the length of the Contact paper needed. Cut the colored tissue paper into squares of varying sizes and place them into a basket or a large bowl. A little tissue paper will go a long way in this project so it is not necessary to cut much.

image 2

image 3

Cut two pieces of clear contact paper the same size and remove the backing of one piece, taping it to a flat surface. Arrange the black craft paper into a cross shape and use a tape runner or glue dots to adhere the corners together. The adhesive side up will allow you to fill the cross shape with the tissue squares.

image 5.1

When the cross shape is full of tissue paper, place the remaining clear Contact paper sheet over the project and smooth the sheet as you slowly remove the backing over the project.

image 6

When the top piece of Contact paper is securely in place, use sharp scissors to trim the Contact paper just outside the black outline of the cross. Label the back of the project with a piece of a tape or paper with the artist’s name and tape the cross to a window or door so the light can shine through.

image 7

Be sure to take a group photo of all your little artists with their special kreations!

image 9