Simple, educational and fun to display. Too good to be true?

Recently we finished our basement and wanted to make the space both fun and functional. My husband’s office is located there and we enclosed that space with french doors that look out into the play space for our three children and their friends. I chose warm, earthy tones for the carpet and the walls and the woodwork is largely cherry. I wanted artwork for the walls that would be fun and kreative and to express our values and views as a family. Enter my good friend Beth, a wiz at decorating and an area team leader for Uppercase Living. I texted her a picture of my blank, newly painted wall and she immediately responded that she had something she was dying to try and just needed the space to do it. We came up with the words I most wanted to display and played around with a few different configurations and settled on this one so the wall looks decorated but not too full or busy. The unfinished wood tiles are sold in various sizes at the local craft store so I chose 6in x 6in tiles and stained them with a one coat cherry stain from the home improvement warehouse. Beth adhered the vinyl and used 3M Command repositionable strips to install the tiles. The strips keep my walls safe and let the kids “play Scrabble” when they want to rearrange the letters. The result is a fun, functional wall piece full of character and our family values. Too good to be true? Nope, never when you have the help of a friend with a vision.Scrabble tiles photo